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General settings

In this section of the settings you can:

  • enable the option to delete all Popper data when uninstalling the plugin.
  • enter your Google credentials to access the Google API.

Delete options

When you uninstall a plugin, the settings for the plugin remain saved in the database.

To keep your database light and clean, you can turn this setting on.

Set Google client id and client secret

To get access to the Google API, you need to create your own project in the developer consoland Google.

Once you have created your project you can enter your login information here.

This option is optional and can be used to access Google Sheets and to send tracking events to Google Analytics.

Settings for integrations

Popper allows you to send form data to different services.

From the settings panel you can access the integrations section, where you can add the services to which you want to send data.

Export and import popups or patterns

From this section you can export and import your popups or patterns.

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